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Capital Reserve Forecasts

The Capital Reserve Forecast is an additional service to the Property Condition Assessment (PCA).

A Capital Reserve Forecast is a multiple-year plan that forecasts a property's expected expenses in repairs, replacements, and enhancements by considering the current condition and remaining useful life based on the findings from a Property Condition Assessment. A five-, ten-, or fifteen-year analysis is most common, especially for small businesses. A Reserve Forecast is a great way to outsource a large portion of the cost of a facilities director, provide a roadmap for the facilities management team to implement, and avoid costly assessments throughout the years. Building types that are commonly in need of a Capital Reserve Forecast are multifamily residential complexes, income-generating commercial buildings like retail spaces, hotels and motels, schools and large churches, and office suites. Request a reserve study forecast with your property condition assessment with Fireline Inspections!

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